TK Monroe Music

TK Monroe

Real name: Theda Brown
Artist name: TK Monroe
From: Atlanta Ga

T.K. Monroe has been in the music industry for 6 years. She writes lyrics as well as sings and rap. She has loved music since she was a small child. As soon as she was old enough she started singing publicly at church. As a young teen she found she could connect to the hip hop genre she loved how through the lyrics; she could let her personality shine and how her music impacted those around her.

She states:

“I love seeing what I can create through my writing with my lyrics. One of the best feelings to me is when I perform in front of a new crowd and by the end of my performance they are singing my music back to me. That lets me know that my mission was accomplished. I want to be able to show the world my talents, from rapping to singing and even through my sense of fashion. I strive to show people that no matter where you come from you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Music is an expression of how you feel and I want them to know we all have a voice too.” In the past she has done a little of everything from managing different clothing boutiques across Atlanta, waitressing, bartending, to now she runs her own small business in the décor industry.

Studio Services

BlueTrax Studios: Recording Specials (All Bookings are a 2hr minimum booking policy)

VIP Lockout (A room): 16 hrs for: $2000 w engineer

New Client Special: 10am – 3pm in B Room – $299 w engineer (Free Premiere Equipment Upgrade)

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Marky Mark

Producer / DJ

Robert Pak


Mike Dorn

Producer / DJ

Sven Hees

Visual designer

Kris Heldon

Producer / Promoter

Supreme DK

Graphic designer


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